With impressive high form, Grandmaster Bogdanovich Stanislav (Ukraine, elo 2.536) continues to win against defending champion Mareco Sandro (Argentina, elo 2,666). This great victory after 34 moves helped Stanislav Bogdanovich maintain his position as the only leader with 6.5 points. No. 1 Wang Hao (China, elo 2,718) also had an important victory against Van Wely Loek (Netherlands, 2,612 elo) after 47 times and keep chasing Bogdanovich Stanislav with 0.5 points behind.

There are 5 players ranked in group 3 with 5.5 points including Eduardo (Venezuela), Wen Yang (China), Popov Ivan (Russia), Zhao Yuanhe (China) and Vietnamese player Cao Sang. Cao Sang (elo 2,385) is the lowest ratings player to get into the top 10 on the rankings and is considered a surprise at the moment. The seventh round also saw a surprise when Hoang Canh Huan (elo 2,394) has a win against No. 2 seed Cheparinov Ivan (Georgia, elo 2.683).

The ladies's race was tough when there were 3 leading players with 4.5 points being Bulmaga Irina (Roumania, elo 2,424), Nandhidhaa (India, elo 2,240), Pham Le Thao Nguyen ( elo 2,374).

hdbank2019 tt 67

In Challengers category, there are 3 players leading after 7 games with 6 points are Nelson (Philippines), Doan Thi Van Anh, Pham Minh Hieu. The race to become a champion also promises to be attractive in the last two games.

In the 8th round of tomorrow (12.3) there are notable matches : Wang Hao met Stanislav, Eduardo met Popov Ivan, Zhao Yuanhe and Wen Yang, Van Wely Loek met Cao Sang ...


Tin HDBank:

Hdbank2019 Tt 84

Elite GM Wang Hao supreme at HDBank International Chess Tournament 2019

Wang Hao (China, elo 2718) reached 7,5 points through 9 rounds to become the champion of HDBank International Chess Tournament 2019, Master category. This afternoon, in Ho Chi Minh City, New Chairman of the World Chess Federation (FIDE), Mr. Arkady Dvorkovich handed the Champion Cup to Elite GM Wang Hao.



Hdbank2019 Tt 76

HDBank International Chess Tournament 2019 - Round 8: Wang Hao shines

The only super grandmaster at the HDBank 2019 International Chess Tournament Wang Hao (China, elo 2.718) defeated Bogdanovich Stanislav (Ukraine, elo 2.536) to become the new leader after round 8 in the HDBank international chess tournament taking place at Guests Rex Hotel (HCMC).



Hdbank2019 Tt 68

HDBank International Chess Tournament 2019 round 7: Great fighting spirit on all boards

Tuesday's seventh round witnessed many impressive victories of players in an important period of the race to the championship.




Hdbank2019 Tt 62

HDBank International Chess Tournament round 6 : Bogdanovich Stanilav the sole leader

With an impressive victory over Cheparinov Ivan (Georgia, elo 2.683), the Ukrainian player Bogdanovich Stanilav (elo 2,536) dominated the top of the HDBank International Chess Championship after round 6. But he cannot sit back and relax though, as there are 3 chasers with only haft point behind.



Hdbank2019 Tt 58

HDBank International Chess Tournament 2019 - round 5: The competition is full of excitement!!

All players started to speed up in the 5th round of the HDBank International Chess Tournament this morning at the Rex Hotel (HCMC) but the competition was still unpredictable, promising to be attractive in 4 remaining games again.



Hdbank2019 Tt 49

HDBank International Chess Tournament 2019 round 4: Grandmaster from Venezuela win against Indian chess prodigy

After a win against the 13-years-old Indian chess prodigy Gukesh (ELO 2,529) in the 4th game, Grandmaster Iturrizaga Bonelli Eduardo (ELO 2,639) from Venezuala share the lead position with Grandmaster Bogdanovich Stanislav (ELO 2,536) from Ukraine.



Hdbank2019 Tt 36

Watch out gentlemen's, ladies coming through!!!

The second day of the HDBank international chess tournament in Ho Chi Minh City takes place on the occasion of international women's day (March 8), let's join the organizers to send the congratulations to our beautiful female chess generals.



Hdbank2019 Tt 35

Pleasant surprise on the third round: The 13-year-old player leads the HDBank International Chess Tournament 2019

The 13-year-old player Gukesh Dommaraju is considered to be an Indian chess prodigy and is also one of the rare world's youngest Grandmaster made a pleasant surprise when leading the international chess tournament HDBank after round 3. With the 2,529 elo, Gukesh is the No. 15 seed at the HDBank International Chess Tournament, which has not been...


Hdbank2019 Tt 37

Explosive play from the host players on round 2.

The hopes of Vietnamese chess have won jubilantly in the second round of the HDBank International Chess Tournament this morning (8.3) at Rex Hotel (HCMC). The most impressive victory is the "female general" Pham Le Thao Nguyen (elo 2,374) against the grandmaster Nguyen Duc Hoa (elo 2.450).



Hdbank2019 Tt 03

The outstanding attraction of HDBank International Chess Tournament 2019

HDBank International Chess Tournament 2019 achieved a record number of players 304 players from 27 countries and territories, including many strong players, worthy of the number 1 Vietnam chess tournament. The tournament has not launched yet but has created a great attraction for the media at the press conference this morning (April 4) at HDBank...


Hdbank2019 Tt 18

Grand Opening ceremony for 9th HDBank International Chess Tournament 2019

On March 7, 2019 in Ho Chi Minh City, the 9th HDBank International Chess Tournament 2019 was officially opened. Attending the Opening Ceremony, there were representatives of the leaders of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the General Department of Sports and Physical Training, HCMC’s People’s Committee , Vietnam Chess Federation; tog...


Hdbank2019 Tt 28

The 9th HDBank International Chess Tournament 2019 excitedly kicked off

After the most impressive grand opening ceremony ever, HDBank International Chess Tournament officially kicked off at Rex Hotel (Ho Chi Minh City).



Hdbank5 Bai1

HDBank International Chess Tournament's quality compared to other regional tournaments

In order to have a specific view of the scale of HDBank International Chess Tournament compared to other tournaments in ASEAN and ASIA, we have statistically selected the tournaments of countries with strong chess movement in ASEAN such as Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia or the leading chess countries such as Russia, India and China in...


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